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Adnews Mock Brief

AdNews offered agencies a chance to let off some creative steam, free from the chains of a client brief. There was a raging debate last year over the phasing out of single–use plastic bags. Globally, plastic has been demonised for ruining our oceans and impacting our health, but the boomers want to keep the bag and we want you to take their side.

'Save the Plastic' mock ad brief.

Below are 2 approaches and the final ad that was produced.

My Role: Concepts, designer.

Plastic Item 02.jpg
Plastic Item 04.jpg
Plastic Bag it 07.jpg
Plastic Bag it 04.jpg
Plastic Bag it 02.jpg
Plastic Bag it 06.jpg
Plastic Bag it Pooh 02.jpg
Plastic Bag it Pooh 01.jpg

This is final mock ad that Iris presented

Iris Mock News Brief Life is Crazy 23 RGB.JPG