Virgin Trains website 1.jpg


At a time when Virgin Trains’ West Coast Main Line contract had an unknown future, I was first tasked with creating a new mobile site for them, I knew I wanted it to be brutally simple and speak of Swiss-like time keeping. There palette at the time was red, white, black, grey and grey. :) I introduced Greige™ to the mix, to bring a touch of sunshine to the clean, functional and highly usable interface I created for them. Apple’s IOS7, was not yet out in the market, but the signs were clear that the future was subtle gradients, flat colour and good white space were the hallmarks of the web.

This concept was applied to the desktop site, as they were looking for a refresh and reskin to bring the site out of the skeuomorphism of 2010. We wanted to commit a huge overhaul to the homepage, as 90% of the customers visiting the site used it to buy tickets. This thinking drove us to do away with the clutter of homepage “web apps” and greet the user with a direct welcome and input asking where they wanted to go.

My Role: Designer.



Over the year I created a myriad of marketing emails for Virgin Trains. The most successful in the history of Virgin Trains email response was the Facebook timeline email for First Class Seat sale. I emulated the interface of Facebook and it was written from the first person experiencing the journey and sharing their experiences.

Secondly, as Virgin Trains was looking for a way of streamlining their email marketing, we helped them setup a automated and modularised email template that could serve custom emails to their distinct customer categories. This involved the setting up of hundreds of modules across the desktop and mobile platform and designing the emails in such a way as to allow for responsive layouts.

My Role: Designing various campaign emails and producing the modular assets for the new email template.