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City of sydney creative hoardings

A submission for City of Sydney Creative Hoardings, a council funded initiative to bring art to the mundane construction hoardings prevalent in Sydney.

This submission aims raise awareness of the tens of thousands of dogs that are needlessly euthanised every year throughout Australia. Not because they’re sick or injured or dying. But because it’s easier and cheaper than spending a little bit of time to help relocate their owners or find them a new home. At the same time, we hope this submission helps eliminate any negative stigma people may have about shelter dogs being damaged and broken. Because they’re not.

Most are simply victims of circumstance and are actually healthy, loving, adoptable dogs. If successful in our bid, we will enlist the help of a portrait photographer to photograph a number of dogs from various pounds and shelter homes across Sydney. The images will demonstrate how much personality each individual dog has, while revealing just how healthy and happy they really are. And what a waste it would be to put them to sleep.

My Role: Concept, design. Words by Dean Hamilton.

Dog Names 02_Artboard 1.jpg
Dog Names 02_Artboard 2.jpg
Dog Names 02_Artboard 3.jpg
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