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Graft Network

Graft Network is a cryptocurrency based decentralised payment network, offering security and privacy to the buyer, great features alongside fees to the seller, and earning opportunities for all.

Previously, I reached out to the team on Twitter and offered some advice on amending their logo slightly, as it had kerning and layout issues. It is still my belief that these changes are not enough to propel the project to success. Visa and Mastercard are the market leaders in the payments space and if Graft want to be a preferable choice on the Verifone POS machines and other payment points they are currently engineering for, then they need to grow beyond their developer roots and be more consumer friendly.

Fortune favours the bold, so here is a hypothetical rebrand for Graft Network. Let’s see if the community and the team get behind this design. If you like what you see here, feel free to get in touch to see how I can help your project. Or even drop me a tip below.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the work presented here remains the property of Chris Clausen until a mutually agreed payment for my services has been made. I would additionally appreciate if any image or creative ideas presented are not used in any form without agreement, as I have invested a lot of my time and effort in developing this work.

My Role: Concept, design.

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Taking the real-world-use context of Graft into account, I have designed work that will stand out and yet fit in alongside their biggest competitors. It is bold, modern and simple to accept at a glance, but with depth and meaning. A vibrant green was chosen, the colour of prosperity, calm and growth. This green works brilliantly on light and dark shades alike. The symbol is unique in its form and colour, to the point that it could stand out in any setting (think busy shop window). The symbol is derived from primitive shapes (circle and triangle) and letters (G and N). Although rotated, its use of symmetry, through perfectly horizontal and parallel lines, means it feels solid and evokes trust. The curve of the G is impressionistic of a payment swipe, with the N being the card or device. Small wedges cut into the vertices of the  N, give a feeling of movement and add personality to the solid stroke. The N for Network has an electric energy (like a bolt) which speaks to the digital nature of the product. The rotated N seems to be accelerating forward and the arrow formed on the leading edge enforces this speed, one of the key selling points of the Graft Network.

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